Thursday, 3 April 2014

Friday Food Focus- Broccoli

Morning All,

So.... I've decided that there is just too much good food out there with lots of hidden benefits and a lot of us, including me take this for granted and half the time don't know what we are actually eating and just eat it because we have been told it is good for us. Am I right?? So every Friday I am going to write a post 'Friday Food Focus' to explain to you why you should be eating that type of food (If you aren't already) and post recipe ideas to help spice up your meals.

This Mornings 'Friday Food Focus' 


Superfood Stats:
  • 34 Calories
  • 3g Protein
  • 83mg Vitamin C
  • 45mg Calcium
  • 3g Fibre

Floret Facts:
  • Reduces Heart Disease thanks to stimulating thioredoxin production, which protects heart cells from damage.
  • Fights Cancer thanks to 1-3c Sulforaphane-The anti cancer compound
  • Fights High Blood Pressure thanks to Glutamic Acid- The best vegetable protein for lowering high Blood Pressure
My Favorite Recipe Ideas:

Broccoli Patties

Skinny Chicken and Broccoli Cheesy Alfredo 

Skinny Chicken and Broccoli Cheesy Alfredo

Broccoli Bread
post image

My mouth waters when I look at these recipes, Give them a go to help you add more Broccoli in to your diet

Happy Healthy Eating! :)

Sunday, 9 March 2014

'Let the bodies hit the floor'

Today I want to share something with you guys that I haven't really mentioned before...


 CrossFit is an intense interval training workout that combines cardiovascular exercise with strength training for short but extremely difficult workouts. These sessions are called Workouts of the Day, or WODs, and often contain exercises like weighted squats, Olympic weight lifting, pull-ups, and push-ups.

At the moment in the fitness industry it has become a bit like either love it or hate it.
I am a strong believer that every person is entitled to their own opinion but should never knock something until they have tried it and yes it could be dangerous (like anything nowadays) but only if you go straight in to CrossFit without attending the course to help you understand and perform each given exercise correctly. Or if you perform with silly weight that you know is too heavy for you...always remember to start off light and work your way up once you become fitter and stronger.

As it is such a gorgeous day today why not try this quick CrossFit at home workout, in your garden with the sun shining:

25 Squats  5 Push ups
20 Squats  10 Push ups
15 Squats  15 Push ups
10 Squats  20 Push ups
5 Squats  25 Push ups

Perform with no rest in-between and remember to record your time.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Pancake Day

Happy Pancake Day!!

Today is Shrove Tuesday, also commonly known as pancake day to the majority of us who LOVE pancakes!!

I can always remember pancake day as being the day my mum would moan about the smell and mess that making pancakes created, but yet my Sister and I used to still make them...tee he

Back then it used to all be about the classics, Lemon & Sugar and of course Nutella & Banana.
Nowadays I have experimented with healthier options that I have discovered in magazines or through people I follow on Instagram and Fitness sites. 

Here are just a few of my favourite healthy pancake recipes:

Muscle-Building Honey Pancakes:

100g Quinoa                                                         
20g Plain flour                                                      
2 tbsp Milk                                                             
1 Egg white                                                          
2 tbsp Organic honey                                              
Pinch of Cinnamon                                                
Handful of Berries   

*Boil up your Quinoa
*Once cooled whisk together with flour, milk,egg and 2 tbsp water
*Fry in a drop of coconut oil until the pancake is golden each side
*Serve up with a drizzle of honey and handful of berries

Blueberry Protein Pancakes:

1 Cup blended oats                                              
2 Scoops of your favourite protein powder                         
2 Eggs                                                                
Dash of Cinnamon                                                
1 Cup of Blueberries                                        
*Add oats, protein powder, cinnamon and eggs to a bowl 
*Mix together whilst adding water to make a thick even consistency
*Add the blueberries
*Fry in coconut oil until the pancake is golden each side

Happy healthy eating :)

Monday motivation

Who has that Monday face on?

Shall I try to turn that frown upside down...

Happy Monday Guys and Girls ;)

Thursday, 27 February 2014


Always give yourself a target to work towards and plan out how you are going to get there...
Whether it be for weight loss, gaining weight, toning up or running a marathon, every one of your goals should have a plan on how you are going to achieve it!!

-Give yourself short term and long term goals:
* 1 Month
* 3 Months
* 6 Months
* 12 Months

-Give yourself a realistic target to reach for each one of your short and long term goals.

-Plan out your weekly gym schedule along with the time you will go and what you will train within that time. Put this in your diary, that way you are more likely to stick to it

-Nutrition plays a massive part in any goal that is fitness related. Speak to a nutrition advisor (or myself) to work out the best healthy eating plan that suits you.

Plan right and you will reach your Goals!