About Me

Hi I'm Hannah, I am a personal trainer with a passion for healthy eating, training hard and looking and feeling fantastic in your own skin!

Health and Fitness is a massive passion of mine and has been since I was young. I started learning ballet at age 4 and continued a variety of dance disciplines up until I was 17.
It was then that I decided I wanted to pursue fitness as a career and start making a difference in other people's lives. I joined the Fitness industry as a Group Exercise Instructor in 2009, furthering this to become a fully qualified L3 Personal Trainer in 2011.

Personally I try to train around 5 times a week at the gym and running outside when the British weather lets me.
I am a big believer of 'preach what you teach' and I work hard to be fit not only for myself but to set a good example to my clients.

This blog is going to be an honest place to share my knowledge - offer nutritional tips, healthy recipes, workout tips for at home and at the gym and just generally be my diary to share anything that tickles my fitness fantasy.



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